Make anything cross-chain

With a few lines of code, Squid enables native token swaps and messaging between any user or application, regardless of the chain they’re on. Wrap our smart contracts, API and SDK to enable composable, cross-chain financial logic in the simplest possible way.

From DeFi to NFTs, ReFi, DAOs, gaming and beyond, build powerful dApps that access liquidity everywhere. Squid scales your app to access the whole of crypto.

Hub & Spoke overlay

Axelar's Hub & Spoke model provides the highest security and best scaling when systems get large.

One-click flows

Only click once to ask for anything to happen. Squid allows complex logic to be programmed into payments.

Easy to integrate

Squid’s API & SDK mean you can integrate with just a few lines of code.

Instant execution

Execution within 15 seconds on most chains, with decentralised fallback to 2min.

Powered by Axelar

Squid is building the first liquidity overlay for Axelar. Axelar is an interoperability protocol and the most secure and scalable cross-chain infrastructure layer. We trust them to scale the blockchain internet.

Join the Squid community

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